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  • Belly Dance comes under the collective heading of Middle Eastern Dance, which describes a variety of dances descended from the Middle East and found mainly throughout the Middle East, North Africa, parts of the Mediterranean, and in more recent times around the globe.
  • Born in the ancient Harems, and among traveling Gypsies and Desert Tribes, performed by women, usually for women, as a form of exercise, education, communication, spiritual worship, and entertainment, at it's core is a physical celebration of the female, and an expression of her powerful role in humanity; fertility, birth, and of course sexuality. It has been passed from generation to generation, teaching girls about womanhood, and preparing women's bodies for pregnancy and childbirth, the earliest form of antenatal class!
  • Belly Dance is a muscular based, rather than step based dance form featuring sensuous, rhythmical movements of all parts of the body; but in particular the hips, chest and shoulders. There are sharp and vigorous movements too. Arms, hands and facial expressions decorate the performance. The dance also has a particular focus on body isolations and control.
  • Belly Dance has an enormous repertoire and complexity of movements, so can be continued as a progressive hobby for many, many years!


  • Belly Dancing is a wonderful exercise suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, and is becoming increasingly popular around the world as an alternative way to keep fit.
  • The movements are gentle and non to low impact, and therefore very unlikely to cause discomfort or injury.
  • It is often recommended by health practitioners as an aid to recovery from injury, and to help back problems, arthritis and other medical conditions. The dance can be beneficial during and post pregnancy, and even at labour!
  • Many students take up Belly Dancing later in life, as it is an ideal gentle way to maintain fitness, flexibility and stamina as you grow older.
  • Students who are unfit or overweight will find the classes energising and a great way to introduce physical activity into your life. Classes can help with weight loss when combined with other forms of exercise and healthy eating.
  • Dance is scientifically proven to slow down ageing, improve health and promote mental wellbeing. Belly dancing in particular helps to relieve physical and mental tension, aids digestion, tones the entire body, improves stamina, posture and body shape, keeps you supple as you grow older, and is a creative outlet that allows you to express yourself and your emotions.
  • Many women find learning this sensuous, feminine dance an extremely liberating experience.


  • Most newcomers come on their own and may feel nervous at first, in Beginners classes there will usually be a friendly existing student or two participating to help you feel welcome and comfortable. Feel free to chat with them and ask any questions you may have about joining. We are all friendly and supportive and no-one bites!

  • The classes provide genuine, authentic Belly Dance instruction. Students are advised these are structured lessons, and not simply Belly Dance style fitness classes. Classes may be attended for social enjoyment and fitness as well as for serious learning and development.
  • Tina-Louise teaches mainly Egyptian Cabaret style Belly Dance, although other influences and styles are incorporated, particularly in the more advanced classes. Please note Tina-Louise does not teach American Tribal Style.
  • All newcomers start with the Beginners classes and may then advance through the subsequent levels at their own pace, working towards their own individual goals. Successful progression is dependent on regular attendance, practise at home and enthusiasm!
  • The Beginners classes introduce the fundamentals of the dance through the learning of exercises and drills. Students gradually build a repertoire of basic movements and begin to put them together in simple sequences and routines.
  • Students are individually helped and corrected throughout the classes, so they learn properly and do not develop bad or unsafe habits. Homework is provided to assist with practise in between classes, which greatly improves progression.
  • Patience is required as the dance can often be challenging for newcomers. However perseverance comes with rewards and learning the basics will improve your health and fitness.
  • Belly Dance is a specific skill, and a commitment to regular weekly attendance is required for learning. Due to the progressive nature of the lessons, beginners classes cannot be attended on a drop-in or intermittent basis
  • Beginners classes are learning focused, not performance focused. Optional performance opportunities are available at our end of term student nights as you progress.
  • Tina-Louise encourages a friendly, supportive and non-competitive learning environment. The classes are sociable and a great way to meet new people. Our end of term nights bring all the classes together and we encourage every student to attend whether performing or not.


  • No previous experience is required. Classes are open to females only of all ages (over 3 years), shapes and sizes. Average age is 25-65, our oldest long term student is now 86 and has attended almost every week since doors opened in 2001! Even serious illness could not keep her away and it's a pleasure to see her joy and enthusiasm at every class. Those who wish to attend while pregnant or to help with health problems and injuries are welcome in most circumstances, but will need to provide a letter of consent from their doctor before attending. Under 16s must be accompanied by a participating parent or guardian at all times.
  • Those with previous training are welcome, but are required to take the Beginners classes because there are so many different styles of Belly Dance and teaching methods that students may have experienced. A newcomer might say "I've Belly Danced for 5 years," but 5 years can be very different from person to person. Did they attend regular weekly classes? Did they attend more than once a week? Did they practise at home? Did they perform? So many differentials mean that starting with our Newcomers course is the best way. These classes will familiarize you with Tina-Louise's style, and introduce you to the exercises and methods which are built upon throughout all the levels. This is good teaching practise as well as a health & safety and insurance measure.
  • We welcome students who love to dance and love to learn. Unfortunately we now live in a world where many people expect to be the best at everything they do, with little effort, and as quickly as possible. This is unrealistic. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider the following before joining. Without exception, our highest achievers, troupe members and those who have become professional performers and teachers (one is even writing a book about it) are those who have been motivated by their sheer passion and enthusiasm to Belly Dance regularly, and a thirst for continued knowledge and learning. If your aim is to become a 'professional Belly Dancer' or 'join the troupe' in the shortest time possible, our classes are not for you. Professional Belly Dancing is not just dressing-up and wiggling your hips! If you want to be very good, you have to work for it, commit lots of time to it, and have the patience to wait for your body to develop too. If you want to receive gratification in the form of rewards such as those used in children's dance schools, again our classes are not for you, as we do not employ these tactics to keep students attending. Every dancer is allowed to develop at their own pace, in their own fashion and without being measured or compared with others, as this can be demoralising for adult learners and encourages unpleasant competitiveness among students. In the real working world of a Belly Dancer these things are meaningless as hirers always book performers based on many other attributes and criteria, definitely not certificates or medals. We do not train students to teach, flooding the market with teachers that are in reality only a few steps ahead of their students. A good and effective teacher is formed from several years of professional dance experience and training, which they can then pass on in their instruction. Ultimately, the greatest reward for a true dancer is the absolute pleasure of dancing itself, and if a student attains that, we do not need to measure it or hand over a certificate, or promise all kinds of successes in order for them to continue with us. Their enjoyment keeps them dancing whatever 'standard' they achieve, and that is a true success!


Beginners Taster/Trial Class – One-Off Session

An introduction to some basic key moves in a one-off session. Tasters are recommended if you want to try a class before booking a course, or if you're not ready to commit to regular classes. Alternatively, you may attend the FIRST class of any beginners course as a trial for a one-off fee, then pay for the remaining classes at the end if you decide to continue (if a place is available).

Tasters and Courses are listed on the Newcomers Timetable with fees and booking advice.

Alternatively, if you have a group of 5 or more people, you can arrange your own private Taster Lesson at a venue of your choice. Please contact for details and fees.

Beginners Level 1 Course

Weekly classes for all newcomers running as a block of 4, 6 or 8 weeks, each class focusing on a different set of basic core skills. A commitment is required to attend the full set from the beginning. Suitable for enthusiastic and motivated students ready to commit to regular weekly attendance and practise at home. The course is full of content and includes routines, drills and homework which are built upon week by week. Further courses are available for those who wish to continue after completion, right up to advanced level.

Upcoming courses are listed on the Newcomers Timetable with fees and booking advice.

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