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Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance is introduced to students as a progression in the higher level Belly Dance classes, with optional add-on sessions for existing regular members of the school.

Additionally an in-house advanced Hula and Tahitian performance group meets weekly, for students who are regularly attending the higher level Belly Dance classes, and have reached an adequate level of Hula & Tahitian dance. This group is for members only who have trained with the school, and entry is by invitation.

For Newcomers, Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance Taster Classes are offered as and when demand requires. You can register your interest by emailing the school.

  • GENUINE Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance in a structured format.
  • NOT 'in the style of' or any type of 'fusion'.
  • Tina-Louise began her first formal instruction in these dance forms in 1995, and has since received tuition and guidance from various Kumu Hula and professional dancers from Hawaii, Kiribati, Tahiti and the US.
  • Hula was introduced to the school timetable in 2009, with Tahitian following shortly after.
  • Tina-Louise teaches and performs 'Auana style modern Hula, and Tahitian Otea and Tamure.
  • Also provided are: Hawaiian Hula Taster Lessons and Children's Parties.


  • Please note this IS NOT Hula Hoop! This is Hawaiian Hula, the native dance of Hawaii. A dancer conveys the words and meaning of a song or chant with their hands, arms and facial expressions, while keeping beat with steps, and making graceful movements with the hips and lower body, some of which are familiar to those who have already learnt to Belly Dance.
  • The precise hand and arm gestures require the full concentration of the dancer. Being similar to sign language, they are a skill all of their own.
  • The lower body muscular movements and isolations can provide great toning benefits for legs and bums.
  • Hawaiian music is very beautiful, and many students are drawn to the dance for this reason. This makes Hula even more enjoyable to learn.
  • Our classes are genuine Hawaiian Hula lessons not fused with or modified by Belly Dance moves. Taught in a structured format, consisting of practise, drills, and choreography, duration varies from 30 minute to 1 hour sessions.


  • Tahitian Otea and Tamure Dance feature strong, fast, muscular movements of the lower body providing fantastic toning benefits. Many of these movements will be very familiar to those who have already learnt to Belly Dance.
  • The classes provide genuine Tahitian instruction not fused with or modified by Belly Dance. The main focus is on the toning and body conditioning benefits of the discipline.
  • Sessions consist of intense repetitive drills, and sometimes a small amount of choreography. Although the moves are fairly simple, it is the speed and repetition that require skill and stamina to achieve. Due to the high intensity of this dance form, the sessions are kept short (15-30 minutes) and are not currently offered as 'stand-alone' classes.



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